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Welcome! Sited in North China, Jinda Wire Ties specializes in producing and exporting rebar ties, wire twist ties, double loop ties, garden tying wire, bale ties and other tying wire for construction, gardens, making of handicrafts and daily uses. Jinda wire ties are made from soft black annealed wire, Hot dipped galvanized wire or stainless steel wire and the finish of wire can be zinc coating, bright annealing, plain steel or powder coating.

As a Chinese factory, Jinda exports to many countries including USA, Canada and European countries. We select good quality wire materials for producing and take care of quality control through the whole process. Our customers are satisfied with our products as we never sacrifice quality for low prices. Our aim is long term business and good reputation. Welcome to contact us now, for quality wire ties from China.

Rebar Ties

Rebar tie wire sizes: 0.5mm to 1.5mm.

Applications: Rebar tie wire, annealed or PVC coated are mainly used for tying and support of plants in gardens or other binding uses. 
Rebar Tie Wire is made from soft annealed wire, which is used for added corrosion protection, are both available in 18, 17, 16, 15, and 14 Gauge.

Finishes: Black annealing, stainless steel.


Twist Ties

Double wire twist ties are for garden tying and other uses.

Twist ties can be paper twist ties, PE twist ties and wire twist ties.
Wire: Galvanized for rust resistance

Wire Diameter: 0.50mm.

Width: 4MM, 8mm.

Cut Length: available in any length.

Colors: Various colors.


Double Loop Wire Ties

Double loop ties are used as binding wire in packing or construction industries. This kind of tying material is easy to operate, enhancing the working efficiency while reducing environmental pollution. Wire diameter and lengths can be made according to requirements.

Normal sizes:
Double loop ties length: 3" to 24".
Wire ties treatment: Black annealed, galvanized or PVC coated.

Materials for producing double loop wire ties:
Fine low carbon black wire (black annealed wire)
Galvanized wire
Stainless steel wire
PVC wire

Double loop tie is popularly used in the daily life and various industries to avoid frequent and repeated maintenances. Wire diameter ranges from 0.8mm to 1.6mm and the wire gauges include 20#, 21#, 22#.

Straight Cut Tie Wire

 It is a kind of tie wire made with iron wire cutting to certain sizes after being straightened. Wire materials for straight cut wire can be bright iron wire, annealed wire, galvanized wire, PVC coated iron wire or painted iron wire.

It is easy for transport and handle, finds popular application in construction, handicrafts or daily use.

We also supply tie wire in coils and other forms.

Standard Wire gauge: 8#-23# (wire diameter from 0.6mm to 4.5mm) while the length varies according to our customers' needs. 

U Type Tying Wire

U type iron wire and cut wire are mostly used as binding wire in construction.

U type iron wire is made from galvanized wire, electro galvanized or hot-dip galvanized or black iron wire.

different sizes of U type iron wire according to customers requirements. Materials for U type iron wire are galvanized iron wire, hot-dipped galvanized iron wire or black iron wire.

U type iron wire is mainly used in binding up building materials or daily used items.


Coil Type Tie Wire

This type of tie wire refers to tying wire packed in coils, small or big package, usually small coil wire.

Materials of Coil Wire: Galvanized wire, iron wire, soft annealed wire, carbon steel wire, etc.

Different coil weight can be supplied for coils.

Uses: Small coil tie wire are mainly used for garden wire, making of handicrafts, daily uses, etc.


Florist Wire

Florist wire is widely used in making of culture items, arts and crafts. It is also used for decoration of Christmas trees and floral arrangements in the USA and European countries.

Sizes of florist wire: 6# to 30#(wire diameter ranging from 5.16mm to 0.35mm).

Material of the florist wire: High quality low carbon steel wire, black annealed wire, plastic coated wire.

Packing of the Green Florist wire: spool or stick package.


Cotton Bale Ties

This type of cotton bale ties are for both hand tying and automatic tying systems.

The standard package for Wire Cotton Bale Ties is a master bundle (700 kg nominal weight) made up of 20 kg sub bundles. This package is wrapped in hessian.

Cotton Bale Tie Specifications.

Nominal Diameter for cotton bale ties is 3.40mm, 3.55mm, 4.00mm.

Single Loop Bale Ties


Materials for making of single loop bale ties: Galvanized or black annealed wire

Uses: Bale ties are designed to be used on a wide variety of commodities and products. 

Bale Tie Sizes: From 11 Gauge to 16 Gauge and between 6' and 22'.

Single-Loop Bale Ties are Easy To Bend and Thread, Allowing for Fast Tying.


Garden Tying Wire

Garden Tying wire mainly refers to daily used wire ties in gardens, mainly made of soft annealed black iron wire.

Green garden tie wire is a kind of green plastic covered wire suitable for light tying and training tasks in the garden.

Form of supply is usually in small reels.

Uses: For tying of plants and flowers.

Colors are mostly green coating, white coating or custom colors.

Wire Materials: Iron wire annealed or carbon steel wire galvanized, plastic coated into various colors.

Soft annealed wire offers excellent flexibility and softness through the process of oxygen free annealing. It is widely processed into coil wire, spool wire or twist wire used for tying.

Soft Annealed Tying Wire

This type of tying wire is made of soft annealed iron wire.

Annealed wire is obtained by means of thermal annealing, endowing it with excellent properties it needs for its main uses. Soft annealed wire offers excellent flexibility and softness through the process of oxygen free annealing.

Normal sizes are 16 gauge tying wire.

Packed in 2kg coils.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Tying wire is used for cotton bale ties, florist wire, concrete bar ties, etc.